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19-NOV-2011: Some (very little) old content has been made accessible. Please do NOT contact us asking for more.

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The Tool Box

Featured Tools for NoLimits Track Development


The Construction Kit - Available from Gravimetric Studios for Windows only. This application contains many tools to aid in building your track.

Elementary - Available from Gravimetric Studios for Windows only. Allows you to create custom shaped elements from mathematical formulas.

Helix - Swiss Army Knife - Available here at the NLDC for Windows only. An advanced helix wizard/formula for Gravimetric Studios' Elementary.

Tunnel Maker - Available from Gravimetric Studios for Windows only. This application will build custom shaped tunnels which follow the path of your track.

Automatic Heartline Generator - Available here at the NLDC for Windows only. The AHG will take your track file and bank it correctly to zero out lateral forces.

Object Creator - Available from Gravimetric Studios for Windows only. A simple, easy to use (relatively speaking) 3d editor which can export 3ds objects for use in NoLimits track files.

Terragen Available from Planetside Software for Windows and Mac OS (carbon). Terragen is a scenery generator, created with the goal of generating photorealistic landscape images and animations.

The Coaster Calculator - Available here at the NLDC for all platforms. Provides math calculators specific to NoLimits to assist in hand building.

The Purgatorium - Available at CoasterSims via tutorial download link for Windows only. Advanced mathematical track shaper. Considered by some to be difficult to use, but very powerful regardless.


The White Environment - Available right here at The NLDC for all platforms. NoLimits environment files for showcasing your works in progress against a white backdrop.


Track Packager - Available from Gravimetric Studios for Windows only. Allows you to package your NoLimits tracks and all associated files (textures, objects, etc) as "pack files" for easy distribution and installation.

Mac Pack Extractor - Available from Phil Hilton for MacOS X only. Allows Mac users to extract and install packages created with the Track Packager.

Legacy Software

The following downloads are older items which have either been deprecated or abandoned. Several of them exist in new forms such as the tools listed above, and those should be used when possible. These are only provided here for convenience because they are no longer available elsewhere from reliable sources. Most do not include documentation

Auto Flanger

Support Cleaner

Track/Node Smoother

Segment Combiner

Rtgenxr's Building Constructor

Environment(al) Editor

Sky Boxer

Power Tweaker

Tool Box v1.3.1

Old Terraformer (Pre NL v1.5)

If you know of other outdated software which should be listed here, feel free to login and then use this contact form to let Phil know about it.

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The NoLimits Development Center (NLDC) is provided as a resource for track developers so they can showcase NoLimits virtual roller coaster projects.